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We offer free shipping for all US domestic orders over $50, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Shipping charges will be applied to international shipping depending on the destination.

We offer a 7-day return policy on all products purchased from bqbottle.com’s online shop. The products must be returned unused and in their original packaging, and the cost of returning the product is to be paid by the customer.

Your order is dispatched 2-3 working days after receipt/payment. We offer two types of shipping for domestic orders (excluding Hawaii and Alaska), free Ground Shipping, which takes around 3-7 days after dispatched, or Fedex 2-3 Day Shipping, which take around 2-3 days after dispatched. As we cannot predict delivery conditions, we cannot provide specific guarantees as to when an order is delivered to the customer’s address.

Our warranty covers manufacturing defects such as broken or leaking caps, or bottles that no longer insulate. However, we do not cover normal wear and tear such as dings, dents, scratches, or chipped paint from the bottle being dropped, damaged, run through the dishwasher, etc. The warranty is subject to our maintenance and care instructions having been followed.

To exercise your right to our warranty, a valid proof of purchase is required. In the case that you received the product as a gift, you will need to ask the buyer to provide you with the receipt, so that we may further assist you.

If you purchased your bq bottle from a retailer, it is often easier to return it to the retailer directly, or contact your nearest bq bottle dealer for assistance. If you bought your bq bottle directly from Amazon.com, Amazon will offer return or exchange based on Amazon's policy. If you purchased the product from our bqbottle.com online shop, please contact our customer service at service@bqbottle.com. Provide a description of the defect/non-conformity and attaching a valid proof of purchase.

Yes. We offer a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects on presentation of a valid proof of purchase. We do not cover normal wear and tear such as dings, dents, scratches, or chipped paint from the bottle being dropped, damaged, run through the dishwasher, etc. However, our warranty does cover manufacturing defects such as broken or leaking caps or bottles that no longer insulate.


Wash bq bottle with soap warm water, use a bottle brush for more in-depth cleaning. Rinse with water until the bottle and cap are clean free of soap residue.

As long as you have screwed on the cap properly, you can place your bq bottle into your bag without leaking.

No. Do not put bq products into the freezer or the microwave.

Dishwashers can cause paint to chip and the vacuum seal to become ineffective. Therefore, our bq bottles are not dishwasher safe. Simply clean your bq bottle with mixture of warm water and dish soap. Dry it thoroughly with the top off and store it. It's that easy.


Yes, bq bottles use polypropylene (pp#5) and it contains no Bispheonl A (BPA). Polypropylene is BPA free and non-leaching plastic.

Our cap offers a complete stainless steel environment for your beverage. The metal piece, just like your bottle which made with 18/8 stainless steel, offers a safe environment for your beverage, repelling unwanted smells and odors while retaining flavor.

Stainless steel is made from iron ore, chromium, silicon, nickel, carbon, nitrogen and manganese. There are many different types of stainless steel water bottles on the market, however, bq bottles are constructed from only the highest quality 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. The numbers (18/8) represent the percentages of chromium and nickel within the steel. Stainless steel does not require any toxic liners or coatings. 18/8 stainless steel is also easy to clean and prevents zero residual flavors or odors from one beverage to next. Our stainless steel is also 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.

Aluminum can leach into water, therefore, aluminum water bottles require a plastic or epoxy lining. Our bottles are made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel which does not leach, so our bottles do not require a lining, offering you the best quality bottle possible.

All bq products gasket seals are made with food grade silicon.

Yes, the steel that wrapped around the bq cap is made with 18/8 stainless steel for good rust resistance.

Our designers thoughtfully designed the construction of the cap, whereas we have molded and concealed a piece of magnetic steel piece inside the inner plastic making it rust proof, offering rust resistant 18/8 stainless steel on the outside, while attached to the bq tag.

No, 18/8 stainless steel material itself is non-magnetic. However, after numerous steps of processing during production, it could be very slightly magnetic.

No. Our bottles are made with 18/8 food-grade stainless steel which does not "leach," so our bottles do not require a lining.

Size Guide
Volume Height Diameter
300ml | 10oz 7.5in (190mm) 2.6in (67mm)
450ml | 15oz 9.25in (235mm) 2.6in (67mm)
750ml | 25oz 11.3in (289mm) 3in (76mm)